White Hair




1.COW MILK: -Have cow milk daily twice


2.NEEM OIL:-Take good quality neem oil,one hour before having food, pour a drop of neem oil in nostrils and breath in.



Ingredients :Bringaraja leaves powder , Amlapowder, yastimadhu powder

Method of preparation ::

-Mix above three and roast them.

-Then mix them  with equal quantities of Black sesame seed powder and  sugar candy powder.

-Filter the contents using a cotton cloth to obtain a fine powder.

Mode of usage :  Have it along with a cup of water daily one hour before food.

Initially have half teaspoon and increase the dosage to one teaspoon regularly.



4.Ingredients :  Bringaraja leaves , Neeli leaves, Indian Goose Berry and Sesame seed oil

Method of preparation :Extract  juice of Bringaraja leaves , Neeli leaves and amla in equal proportion. Mix them with Sesame seed oil. Boil it on mild flame till only oil portion remains.

Mode of usage : Apply it regularly for 3-6 months.