The condition where the patient suffers from puss and discharge from the eyes.


Take a handful of mary gold ( Banthi ) leaves clean it neatly and grind them into paste. Keep this paste as a layer on the eyes externally. Keep this layer for half an hour to one hour on the eyes and take rest. This application will heal the eye burns, pains, reddish marks and unwanted tears from the eyes.

Take one teaspoon of Turmeric powder and mix it in a glass of water. Boil it until it slowly evaporates to half glass of decoction. Switch off the stove and cool it and filter it. Take a fresh and neat cotton cloth piece fold it and make it as cushion, dip it in this turmeric decoction and press it to drop the excess water from the cloth. Keep this wet cloth on the eyes for half an hour. This treatment will cure the Eye diseases.