A voice is termed "disordered" when the vocal quality of an individual is altered changed in such a way that it is thought to be abnormal to the listener. The onset and development of these disorders can be "sudden" or "slow."



Punarnava : 1/2 kg.
Sesame oil : 1/2 kg

Method of preparation : Boil the oil on mild flame. Add the punarnava leaves gradually to the oil and boil till they turn black. Filter the oil and store.

Usage : Apply oil in warm condition to the entire throat and gently massage.


Punarnava juice : 250 gm.
Candy sugar powder : 125 gm.

Method of preparation : Boil the juice till candy sugar melts and paakam is obtained. Store the paaka in a bottle

Usage : 1/2 spoon paakam with 1/2 glass water for children two times a day.

Note : Punarnava is a panacea to all the organs which are not functioning properly. It will rejuvenate liver, kidneys, respiratory system and many other organs. 
Both remedies should be used together to get more of desired benefit.