An ache or pain that is localized around a specific tooth or teeth.Toothaches may be caused by trauma or a more serious dental condition such as decay etc.


If you have pain in the right teeth, pour 4 or 5 drops of Uttareni( Sanskrit - Apamarga, English - Prickly flower) leaves juice in left ear (or vice versa).Open your mouth let the saliva fall off If you have worms in your teeth they too will come out through saliva. 
Extract juice out of good quality Asafoetida (Hing) by rubbing with lemon juice and warm it lightly. Apply the juice with cotton to the paining tooth. Pain will subside immediately. 
Gargle with salt water, it subsides pain to some extent. 
Apply Clove oil with cotton bud on the paining tooth. Pain will subside immediately. 
Dip cotton bud in Onion juice and place it on the paining tooth. 
Placed the crushed part of drumstick tree root on the ailing tooth. 
Take dry Ginger , long Pepper, Black Pepper, Mace( myristica fragrance), Rock salt in equal proportion. Add little of honey or clove oil to brush the teeth. 
People in the tropical areas would normally use Guava leaves to treat their aching tooth. Several pieces of these leaves are boiled, then the solution made out of this process is used to gargle the mouth. Some may add salt for better effectivity. 
A fresh Garlic clove contains Allicin, a substance that garlic releases once it is crushed. Interestingly, Allicin has the property of reducing pain. But it is important to remember than when using fresh garlic cloves as a home remedy for toothache. 
Add one spoon honey in one cup warm water and gargle. Bad smell of mouth is eliminated. Gargle with sesame oil in the morning.


Cardomum seeds : 30 gm.
Salt crystals : 60 gm.
Chalk powder : 60 gm.

Method of preparation : 
Take equal quantity of Guava pieces and Alum pieces. Pound them and store. Add two spoons of this powder to one cup of water and boil it to prepare decoction. Use this decoction in warm condition to gargle. 
Prepare powders of equal weight of dry Ginger, long Pepper, Black Pepper, Mace( Myristica fragrans) Rock salt and store. Add a little powder to honey or oil and brush with out touching lips . 
Add Rock salt to a paste of Garlic, making a homogenous mixture and apply on the affected area. 
Add a cup of water to about 5 gms of fresh Peppermint and half a tablespoon of salt. Boil this, and when the water turns lukewarm, gargle and drink it, as the solution is a good pain killer and is also beneficial for headaches apart from toothache. 
Mix half a teaspoon of Asafoetida with a bit of Lime juice so as to form a paste. Make it lukewarm and apply the mixture with a cotton ball. 
A mixture of a pinch of Pepper powder and a quarter teaspoon of common salt is very goo

NOTE : Please be reminded that all these remedies may only provide temporary treatment for toothache. Once the pain subsides, it is best to consult a dentist for further dental assistance.