Inflammation and enlargement of tonsils. 
Tonsils are present to protect the upper respiratory tract from infection by trapping and destroying micro organisms. In the process, sometimes they too become infected by the micro organisms. 
Signs & Symptoms 
Pain in throat, difficulty in swallowing and fever are common symptoms.


Gargle 4 - 5 times in a day with Common salt dissolved in warmed water. 
Gargle with Alum - 1 gm and hot water 200 ml, 4 - 5 times daily. 
Sitopaladi churna or Talisadi churana - 2 - 3 gm with Honey twice daily. 
Make a paste of garlic cloves, smear it on a piece of cotton wool, warm it on a low flame and squeeze the juice. Add equal quantity of honey and swab the inflamed tonsils with this juice. 
One glass of warm milk mixed with a pinch of pure turmeric powder and black pepper powder is taken twice a day for 10 days.

Pathya (Food to be taken): 
Seeds of Barley, Bitter gourd, Small cucumber, Fenugreek and Beetal leaf are good for persons suffering from throat disorders.

Apathya (Food to be avoided): 
Curd, Acidic, Cold, Oily, Spicy and Heavy or Difficult to digest food are harmful for the patients.