It implies inflammation of the buccal mucosa and is characterized by erythema, swelling and superficial erosions accompanied by subjective complaints of burning, pain and tenderness. 
Various types of germs have been identified as causing stomatitis. Stomatitis may also be caused due to reaction or over-toxity of certain drugs and medications. Another prominent cause of this disease is nutritional deficiency. However, dietary deficiencies can also be symptomatic of many other ailments as well


1. Irimedadi Taila: Add a teaspoon of this oil to a cup of lukewarm water. This is used for gargling at least three times daily till the symptoms subside. 2.Khadiradi Vati It is prepared primarily from Khadira. It checks production of excess saliva. Moreover, it leaves a soothing effect on the inflamed portions and ulcers within the mouth.The patient should keep a tablet in the mouth and keep on chewing it. In this way, one needs to chew at least 6 - 8 tablets per day. 3. In every type of Mukhpaka we can use decoction of Triphala, with Honey for gargling.