A discharge of white or yellow coloured mucus from the vagina. It may be a normal condition, increasing before and after menstruation, but a large discharge probably indicates an infection somewhere in the genital tract. 
Female genitals are very much prone to infections since they are moist, more sweaty and covered. The white vaginal discharge with foul smell makes it embarrassing to get into social gatherings and even engage in personal affairs. 
Leucorrhoea or white discharge usually shows symptoms in association with other illness. Wide variety of reasons are encountered in its causation. Commonly fungal, parasitic, bacterial and sexually transmitted diseases are the prime causative factors.


1. The ear should be cleaned properly with a sterilised cotton swab
2. The mixture of one part of Turmeric powder and fifteen parts of alum is put in to the affected ear after cleaning the ear.
3. Apamarga taila and Bilvadi taila are very effective in this condition.
4. Put 2 drops Sesame oil or Mustard oil in the ear. Insert both index fingers in the ears and breathe in through mouth. Store the air in mouth and gargle with the air so that the cheeks will bulge and contract for 1 to 3 minutes twice a day.
5. Filter 75 gm White Raddish juice and add 250 gm Sesame oil, 10 gm Carom seeds (little crushed) and 10 gm Turmeric. Place all the above contents in a vessel and put it on mild flame till oil remains. Continue stirring till the end. Filter the oil and store properly.

Usage : 
Put 2 to 3 drops oil in warm condition to the ear containing puss