A discharge of white or yellow coloured mucus from the vagina. It may be a normal condition, increasing before and after menstruation, but a large discharge probably indicates an infection somewhere in the genital tract. 
Female genitals are very much prone to infections since they are moist, more sweaty and covered. The white vaginal discharge with foul smell makes it embarrassing to get into social gatherings and even engage in personal affairs. 
Leucorrhoea or white discharge usually shows symptoms in association with other illness. Wide variety of reasons are encountered in its causation. Commonly fungal, parasitic, bacterial and sexually transmitted diseases are the prime causative factors.


1. A purgative for 2 days before the expected date of menstruation is beneficial.
2. Hing or asafoetida can be given powdered after frying in ghee or butter. 1 tablespoonful should be taken twice a day with a rice bolus followed by a glass of hot water.
3. 4-5 cloves of pasted garlic may be consumed thrice a day to relieve pain.
4. Camphor may be rolled into pills and a pill thrice a day may be consumed and a liniment of camphor may be rubbed on the abdomen.
5. 10 grains of powdered sesame seeds 4 times a day may be taken along with a warm hip bath containing a handful of the seeds.
6. Kumaryasava: three tsp with equal quantity of water should be taken twice a day after food, for a month to render periods painless.
7. Rajaprarvartini Vati, 1 tablet 3 times a day, daily with warm water may be given a week prior to menses.