A discharge of white or yellow coloured mucus from the vagina. It may be a normal condition, increasing before and after menstruation, but a large discharge probably indicates an infection somewhere in the genital tract. 
Female genitals are very much prone to infections since they are moist, more sweaty and covered. The white vaginal discharge with foul smell makes it embarrassing to get into social gatherings and even engage in personal affairs. 
Leucorrhoea or white discharge usually shows symptoms in association with other illness. Wide variety of reasons are encountered in its causation. Commonly fungal, parasitic, bacterial and sexually transmitted diseases are the prime causative factors.


1.Raisins, Pears, Apples, Green Vegetables and Lima Beans are effective in this condition.
2.Person suffering from Urine retention can also add pumpkin seeds, ripe tomatoes, cauliflower in their diet.
3. Carrots, almonds and Brazil nuts are also good for the treatment of Urine retention.
4.Apart from including all these above stated foods in ones diet, one needs to avoid alcohol, and fried food stuffs.

Shodhan Karma

Sutra Neti and Jal Neti (to improve the energy flow in the body).


Tadasana, Trikonasana, Uttanamanduka asana, Marjari asana.


Anuloma viloma, Bhramari, Sheetkari and Sheetli.

Note : The practice of YOGA must be done under the supervision of any YOGA INSTRUCTOR or any other proper guidence.