Ear ache is associated with many things: allergies, sinus infections, fluid or ear wax build up, middle ear infection, colds, and ear injuries.It can also be caused by pressure or altitude changes like those people on board a plane. Teething could also be a cause of ear ache as well as swimming on polluted waters. Another cause of ear ache is infection. Since the middle ear contains air, it is the best area where other liquid harmful to the ear gets trapped. Mucus as an example can go to the middle ear. Mucus contains bacteria thus infecting the ear that leads to pain.



1. The warm juice prepared out of mixture of Rocksalt, Ginger, Honey and Mustard oil is very effective to cure ear ache.
2. Put 2 drops sesame oil or mustard oil in the ear. Insert both index fingers in the ears and breathe in through mouth. Store the air in mouth and gargle with the air so that the cheeks will bulge and contract for 1 to 4 minutes twice daily.
3. Raddish oil:
White Raddish juice : 1 cup.
Sesame oil : 1 cup.


Add juice to oil and boil it on mild flame till juice absorbs / evaporates in oil. Cool it and store.

Put 1 to 2 drops in both the ears, two times a day.

4. Apply steam of 2 fist full of neem leaves, little turmeric boiled in water to the ear, throat, nose.
5. Try juice of Tulasi (holy basil) leaves. Put 2-3 drops in both the ears.
6. Place a woollen cloth on the ear. The cloth should contain mashed Garlic cloves with small amount of salt. Garlic contains natural antibiotic that relieves the pain from the ear.
7. Do not blow your nose too hard. This will cause your ear to plug air. Blow your nose gently.
8. Putting on earplugs when swimming on dirty waters can reduce the risk of having ear ache.
9. As much as possible, avoid putting pins, cotton swabs or your fingers inside your ear. Doing this might cause eardrum damage and will increase the risk of getting stuck inside your ear.
10. Reduce the usage of cell phones.