Body Heat Bleeding

Bleeding symptoms, other than from injuries, are often seen in many medical conditions. Blood escapes from the blood vessels into the body that causes internal bleeding, or out of the body through openings such as vagina, mouth, nose, ear, anus or wounds. Unexplained bleeding or frequent bruising may be a sign of underlying health problems that require medical attention. 
Bright red nasal drippings, extreme dryness and a burning sensation in the nasal passages; individuals may also experience dry coughing, mouth dryness or a feverish sensation in the body. The tongue is red and covered with yellow coating, and the pulse is floating and rapid. This disharmony often occurs during the dry season or common cold. The remedy should aim to clear lung heat and cool blood.

Some Simple Natural Home Remedies through herbs can effectively stops bleeding




1.Sabja seeds are the best known substance that reduces body heat.  These seeds are soaked in water for sometime and added to milk with rose syrup. This is a good drink to cool down your system instantly.

2.Massage your body with herbal oil is good for keeping your body cool. It will also increase blood circulation well.

3.Butter milk is good for reducing the body heat. It keeps the body cool and fresh. You can also add a teaspoon of salt for taste.

4.Two teaspoons of butter with a glass of warm milk is a good remedy to treat body heat.

5.Excessive intake of hot spices, salt, oil fried foods, cheese, sour cream, fermented foods, coffee etc. must be avoided. These products will increase body heat.

6.Take a lot of vegetables, green leaves, fruits, salads and milk to reduce body heat.   Theses are all good for reducing body temperature.

7.Musk melon is good for keeping your body cool. Include more grains, beans and starchy foods in your diet. These are effective things for reducing body heat. Musk melon juice with a spoon of sugar also can be had.

8.To reduce body heat take consume more of starchy foods, grains and beans.

9. yashtimadhuchurna 1-2 sp mixed with one cup  of milk taken twice daily

10. castor oil is applied on head, inserted in navel region and applied on palms and soles. This is an excellent remedy to reduce excess heat in the body.