Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which bladder control would normally be anticipated. 
The medical term for this condition is "nocturnal enuresis.." Primary nocturnal enuresis (PNE) is when a child has not yet stayed dry on a regular basis. 
Bed wetting in children may be due to immature nervous system due to which the child is not able to feel that his bladder is full.Sometimes it is also because of small bladder due to which the bladder is not able to hold all the urine produced.

Some Simple Natural Home Remedies through herbs can effectively treat Bed wetting.



Drink one cup warm water with one spoon honey.

Add half spoon Mustard powder to the first morsel before eating food.

Mix half spoon Thymol seeds powder (Telugu:Vaamu; Hindi: Ajwain) powder in half cup water and boil the same to reduce to 1/4th glass. Filter the water and add a little salt and drink.

Massage with warm sesame oil ( Telugu: Nuvvula Noone; Hindi: Til) on the lower abdomen before food .

Take 4-5 dry dates( Hindi: Khajur, Telugu: Kharjur,Latin: Phoenix Sylvestris) in two cups of milk and boil it on moderate flame for 2-3 min. while boiling crush the dates slowly. By drinking this bed wetting problem will be cured.( seeds should be taken out of dates before boiling)

Practice retention control by postponing urination during the day, first by a few minutes and then by gradually increased amounts of time. This exercise will help strengthen the muscles that control urination and also increase the capacity of the bladder. Avoid taking liquids before bedtime and make sure you empty the bladder before going to bed.


Eat fresh and natural foods like leafy vegetables, brown rice, milk, banana, sesame, and almonds should be taken.


Avoid juices of fruits like apple, orange, grapes and pineapple.
Avoid sweets, fruits, chocolates, meat,eggs and dairy products.


Shavasana, Gomukhasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Bhadrasana ,Trikonasana , Tadasana , Pashchimottanasana, Chakrasana, Baddha Padmasana, Garudasana, Matsyasana, Pavanamuktasana.


Anuloma-Viloma, Bhramari, Sheetli, Kapalabhati. Note: The practice of YOGA must be done under the supervision of any YOGA instructor or any other proper guidence